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We want to congratulate you on choosing an international education and applaud your interest in starting an international career. You are determined for success, and we are here to help you make that happen!

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There are 2 obstacles CIS facing in the UK job market: as a student, we aren’t familiar with employers’ expectations; as a foreigner, we don’t know if our Chinese knowledge still applicable in the UK. All our services are designed to tackle the two fundamental issues.

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We’ve helped over 100 Chinese businesses start up and grow in the UK.

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It feels good to be recognised. Here are some awards that have been kindly given to us by the UK community.

Courage, courage, courage is the NO.1 lesson I learnt in the UK. Dare to dream, and willing to put in the hard work, then success is inevitable. Career Insider really helped me to achieve what I want, and I know receiving my job offer is only the start of my life long learning journey. I can’t wait to learn more.

University of Nottingham

Career Insider helped me to get a job, that’s true, but what is different about Career Insider to other services is, it also taught me the knowledge and understanding to advance my career as an international talent.

University of Glasgow

Before Career Insider, I really don't know what I want for a career. Career Insider helps me to navigate this confusing and challenging journey. They are not imposing their ideas on me or trying to feed me any one size fit all solutions. Instead, they help me to ask all the right questions and make the right choices.

London School of Economics

Coming to the UK and now stepping into the workplace, to me, it feels like one reality check after another. I can’t help but sometimes feels hopeless and often doubt myself. Now that I worked in the UK for over 2 years, there is not a day that I am glad I made the effort to try. Thanks, Career Insider, to me, you feel like a teacher but also a friend.

Loughborough University