Career Insider Verbal Aptitude Test 0026

Question 1

A message for all college members, including students and staff using the building: Due to continuing problems with the elevators we have decided to do some general maintenance and replace the elevator doors in Block A and Block B with new telescopic sliding doors. Elevators in Block C near the staff area will only receive general maintenance. This maintenance will take about four weeks to complete. Whilst any lift receiving new doors or maintenance, it will be inaccessible to all. Work has already started in Block A with the elevators on the South side.

Based on the information in the passage, select for each statement whether it is True, False, or you Can't Say without further information.

Q1.1 The lifts in Block A will be unavailable for four weeks

Q1.2 Elevators in Block C are for Staff members only.

Q1.3 Elevators on the South side will be unavailable first.

Q1.4 Elevators in Block B will be out of order during the maintenance in Block A.

Q1.5 Elevators in Block C already have new door.

Question 2

A non-disclosure agreement (NDA) is put in place between two parties, the ‘Discloser’ and the ‘Receiver’, who may be individuals or organisations, when it is necessary to share confidential information that is not in the public domain, stipulating the audience, the term of the agreement, the extent and nature of the pertinent information, and any restrictions and caveats pertaining to its specific permitted utilisation. The NDA is likely to cover recorded information, in electronic and hardcopy formats. It may also cover any verbal information that is shared at meetings and presentations. The agreement may be mutual, whereby both parties must maintain confidentiality, or one-way, whereby only one party is prevented from disclosing information. When either party of the NDA is an organisation, exclusionary criteria will determine which employees have been accorded confidentiality status. Notwithstanding, the information will remain confidential and subject to full non-disclosure for a pre-agreed timeframe, typically 3 years, subsequent to which the NDA is no longer enforceable. It is strongly recommended that anyone involved in establishing an DNA, or who is required to sign an NDA to access information seeks the advice of an expert. This is particularly the case when both parties to the NDA are not in the same country: the NDA will stipulate which country’s laws govern the agreement.

Based on the information in the passage, select for each statement whether it is True, False, or you Can't Say without further information.

Q2.1 If the ‘Receiver’ is an organisation, all employees must be given confidentiality status.

Q2.2 NDAs in organisations only last 3 years.

Q2.3 An NDA becomes obsolete 3 years after the information reaches the public domain.

Q2.4 Only organisations need to stipulate who will have access to the confidential information.

Q2.5 All NDAs specify a timeframe during which the confidentiality is enforced.

Question 3

A recent report in Business Weekly on leadership in organisation suggests that employees who have more autonomy at work feel more satisfied in their jobs and are more productive at work. Questionnaires had been sent to 8,000 employees in 150 organisations in the UK, asking them a series of questions about their decision-making ability at work, and their attitude towards their job, manager and organisation. Over 65^ of employees reported having some level of autonomy in their own work and were able to make decisions regarding their work activities. Somewhat surprisingly, autonomy at work was not found to be related to hierarchical level within the organisation – it wasn’t only senior managers that felt autonomous. Instead, levels of perceived autonomy were consistent across a particular organisation, suggesting that it may be an aspect of organisational culture. The report also suggests that the corollary to autonomy at work is increased organisational profit. However, this relationship is contingent upon the degree to which managers allow employees a level of autonomy in their role, particularly in decision making. The report highlighted the risks associated with overly close management, such as lack of motivation and commitment, although a cohesive team can mitigate these risks.

Based on the information in the passage, select for each statement whether it is True, False, or you Can't Say without further information.

Q3.1 Increasing organisational profit will improve staff satisfaction and productivity.

Q3.2 Productive employees are likely to be more autonomous at work.

Q3.3 There is no relationship between job satisfaction, productivity and profit

Q3.4 Close management is a benefit for some employees.

Q3.5 Autonomy at work helps job satisfaction, productivity and profit

Q3.6 Lack of autonomy leads to a reduction in organisation profit.

Question 4

According to a recent national survey of over 1,000 UK organisations, between 51-72% of employees report feeling stressed at work. This can result in both short and long-term sickness absences from work, from a range of physical and mental health issues. Whilst employees in all age groups reported feeling stressed to some degree, it was most commonly reported by those in the 45-54 year age group. Reported stress levels were equally high for managers and non-managing employees. Well-being scores are lower for self-employed workers compared to employed workers. In particular, self-employed workers report more fatigue, irritability, sleeping problems and anxiety. After muscular skeletal problems, stress is considered the next biggest risk in the work environment. The cost of work-related stress to the UK economy is estimated at approximately £4 billion per annum.

Consequently, the UK has seen a rise in the number of initiatives aimed at alleviating work stress, including improvements to work-life balance policies.

Based on the information in the passage, select for each statement whether it is True, False, or you Can't Say without further information.

Q4.1 The majority of UK employees report being stressed at work.

Q4.2 Older workers tend to be more stressed than younger workers.

Q4.3 If you are self-employed you will experience work stress.

Q4.4 Work stress is a bigger problem than musculoskeletal problems.

Q4.5 If you work for a company rather than yourself, you well-being score is likely to be higher.

Question 5

All employees are required to complete a probationary period of six months. If the employee does not meet all the requirements of the job within that period, probation can be extended at the manager’s discretion. For probation to be extended, the employee must have failed to meet one or more of his or her probationary objectives. This line manager may also decide that the most appropriate course of action would be to give the employee one week’s notice; this must be sectioned by the HR Director. In exceptional circumstances, the manager can request that an employee’s probation is reduced below the standard six months. Such requests must also be sanctioned by the HR Director. Only cases of exceptional performance will be considered as grounds for a reduction. Evidence must be unequivocal and corroborated by at least two managers working closely with the probationer. Employees who move department during their probationary period will be required to restart their probation and undergo a full six months in the new department. An exception to this is if the person has satisfactorily complete five of the six months in the initial department. In such circumstances, at the new manager’s discretion, the employee will only need to complete the remaining month.”

Based on the information in the passage, select for each statement whether it is True, False, or you Can't Say without further information.

Q5.1 If the employee has met at least one objective during his or her probation, the HR Director must approve any extension to the probationary period.

Q5.2 For probation to be reduced, the employee must be demonstrating exceptional performance in all of his or her probationary objectives.

Q5.3 An employee can reduce his or her probation to 5 months by moving department.

Q5.4 At least three people need to support the decision to reduce an employee’s probationary period.

Q5.5 Moving department can extend an employee’s probation even if they are performing satisfactorily.


Question 6

At the call centre for Tasty Food Supermarket, all complaints require immediate handling from call centre staff, either by phone call-back, email or letter, depending on the nature of the complaint. All complaints are assigned a red code until a response has been sent. Complaints regarding faulty goods must receive an immediate phone response and a subsequent email or letter, and remain red until resolved. Post an immediate response, complaints regarding the layout or service within a store must be escalated to the store manager to correct, and are coded blue once the manager has acknowledged receipt. All out of stock complaints are coded green once an email with the compensatory voucher has been sent.

Based on the information in the passage, select for each statement whether it is True, False, or you Can't Say without further information.

Q6.1 Some complaints don’t receive an immediate response from call centre staff.

Q6.2 All calls into the call centre require colour coding.

Q6.3 Some complaints are not coded red.

Q6.4 All complaints require colour coding.

Q6.5 The store manager sends the initial response for complaints about the stores.

Question 7

‘For more than 90 years Zander & Co has supported the health and wellbeing of the community. We are primarily committed to preventing illness and injury from occurring and where this is not possible, advocating for the best possible care and treatment for those affected.

Historically we have channelled philanthropic activities through two mechanisms in the UK; the Zander & Co Research Fund and the Zander & Co Mesothelioma Research Fund. Last year, the latter of the two (which has donated over £2million to research projects since 2007) was expanded and re-launched in both the UK and USA as the Health Support, Projects and Research Fund.

The announcement was made at an AGM in London in June last year. The international fund committed to providing more than £1million in grants to health organisations and research bodies across the UK and USA by within the next 5 years.

The fund offers support to health and research projects that commit to improving the treatment, care and/or quality life of people in the UK and USA. The focus of the fund is on those projects that benefit people affected by mesothelioma, occupational caused cancers and serious injuries to primarily the brain and spine. The projects receiving funding demonstrate significant potential to make a difference to the lives of those affected by these injury or illness areas.”

Based on the information in the passage, select for each statement whether it is True, False, or you Can't Say without further information.

Q7.1 The Zander & Co Research Fund was re-named the Health Support, Projects and Research Fund.

Q7.2 The creation of a third fund was announced at an AGM last year.

Q7.3 The Zander & Co Mesothelioma Research Fund had given more than £2million to research projects since 2007.

Q7.4 The Health Support, Project and Research Fund supports hospitals that deal with people with mesothelioma, occupational caused cancers and serious injuries to primarily the brain and spine.

Q7.5 First and foremost, Zander & Co campaigns for high quality care and treatment for people affected by illness and injury.


Question 8

For over 10 years, retail organisations have been able to join the UK Retail Research Consortium (RRC) for an annual membership fee. Membership includes access to reports and seminars on the most up-to-date research on maximising profit and reducing loss in the retail sector, and a well-attended annual conference with keynote presentations from leading industry experts. Retail is an industry where the profit margins have been notoriously low for decades: for example, the average annual gross profit for food supermarkets is only 2.99%. More troublesome is the average annual gross loss of 7% through, for example, damaged stock, errors in the supply chain and theft. The RRC has recently conducted a Europe-wide research project on reducing loss and estimates that the total loss figure can be reduced by as much as 25%. Its recommendations to achieve this include adopting more rigorous stock management procedures and a shift to more staff-centric leadership styles. The RRC estimates that food supermarkets could see profits rise by 59% if such measure are adopted. A spokesperson for the RRC told our reporter that joining the RRC was “economically logical”; the membership fees would be “recouped a thousand times over” by retail organisations that implemented our recommendations.

Based on the information in the passage, select for each statement whether it is True, False, or you Can't Say without further information.

Q8.1 Food supermarkets have the lowest profit figures in the Retail industry.

Q8.2 Retail organisations that are not members of the RRC do not have access to the latest research on profit and loss in the retail sector.

Q8.3 The RCC has other recommendations for reducing retail loss besides stock management and leadership changes.

Q8.4 If retail organisations adopt the recommendations of the RRC, profit will increase by a thousand times.

Q8.5 It is only the last 10 years that food supermarkets have experienced problems with rising loss and decreasing profits.

Question 9

Global warming is the recent and on-going phenomenon of rising temperatures world-wide, measured close to the Earth’s surface, and is a concomitant aspect of climate change, which also includes major and sustained changes in wind patterns, precipitation and seasonal patterns. For over 100 years, the human race has been releasing large amounts of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases into the atmosphere – the majority of releasing large amounts of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases into the atmosphere – the majority of which come from burning fossil fuels, deforestation, and industrial and agricultural processes. Whilst necessary to support life, in excess, these greenhouse gases create a blanket around the Earth, causing it to warm; and, over time, build-up in these gases can change the Earth’s climate. Meanwhile, the world has witnessed changes in the natural environment, including melting ice caps, warming oceans, rising sea levels, severe flooding and extended droughts. Debate over whether these natural changes are caused by human activity continues to rage, with cogent arguments on each side.

Based on the information in the passage, select for each statement whether it is True, False, or you Can't Say without further information.

Q9.1 Global warming is causing climate change.

Q9.2 Carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas.

Q9.3 Warming oceans are melting the ice caps, causing rising sea levels & floods.

Q9.4 Deforestation is the main cause of global warming.

Q9.5 Global warming is one aspect of climate change./


Question 10

I’m the Marketing Manager for Max Corp, a software developer focused on the video game industry. In this role, I lead the company’s business-to-business (B2B) marketing efforts, overseeing a team of four marketing and sales professionals, and managing the annual budget in excess of £5 million. My sales people are responsible for selling our company’s video games to retail outlets, pubs and other entertainment premises and, consequently, spend much of their time on the road. My marketing remit is to promote our video games across the industry. Our most challenging and exciting marketing project to date was creating a social media and online advertising campaign for our extreme sports interactive online video game, Yee-Haa! The campaign generated enormous media buzz and was key to the successful launch of the video game – to supplier, venues and consumers. Not only did we have fun creating that campaign, we also found it very rewarding to see the results.

Based on the information in the passage, select for each statement whether it is True, False, or you Can't Say without further information.

Q10.1 As part of his job, Mark sells video games to pubs and shops.

Q10.2 As part of his job, Mark advertises games such as Yee-Haa to suppliers of video games.

Q10.3 Mark and his team need to sell at least £5 million worth of video games each year.

Q10.4 The people working for Mark are responsible for advertising and selling video games.

Q10.5 Mark’s advertising campaigns are likely to be seen by members of the public in outlets such as magazines and newspapers.

Test Solutions

Question 1

Q1.1 Suggested solution: Cannot say 

Q1.2 Suggested solution: Cannot say

Q1.3 Suggested solution: True

Q1.4 Suggested solution: Cannot Say

Q1.5 Suggested solution: Cannot Say


Question 2

Q2.1 Suggested solution: False

Q2.2 Suggested solution: Cannot say

Q2.3 Suggested solution: Cannot say

Q2.4 Suggested solution: False

Q2.5 Suggested solution: True


Question 3

Q3.1 Suggested solution: Cannot say

Q3.2 Suggested solution: True

Q3.3 Suggested solution: False

Q3.4 Suggested solution: Cannot say

Q3.5 Suggested solution: Cannot say

Q3.6 Suggested solution: Cannot say


Question 4

Q4.1 Suggested solution: True

Q4.2 Suggested solution: Cannot say

Q4.3 Suggested solution: Cannot say

Q4.4 Suggested solution: False

Q4.5 Suggested solution: True


Question 5

Q5.1 Suggested solution: Cannot say

Q5.2 Suggested solution: True

Q5.3 Suggested solution: False

Q5.4 Suggested solution: False

Q5.5 Suggested solution: False


Question 6

Q6.1 Suggested solution: Cannot say

Q6.2 Suggested solution: Cannot say

Q6.3 Suggested solution: True 

Q6.4 Suggested solution: Cannot say

Q6.5 Suggested solution: False


Question 7

Q7.1 Suggested solution: True

Q7.2 Suggested solution: False

Q7.3 Suggested solution: True

Q7.4 Suggested solution: True

Q7.5 Suggested solution: False


Question 8

Q8.1 Suggested solution: Cannot say

Q8.2 Suggested solution: True

Q8.3 Suggested solution: True

Q8.4 Suggested solution: False

Q8.5 Suggested solution: False


Question 9

Q9.1 Suggested solution: False

Q9.2 Suggested solution: True 

Q9.3 Suggested solution: Cannot say

Q9.4 Suggested solution: Cannot say

Q9.5 Suggested solution: True


Question 10

Q10.1 Suggested solution: False

Q10.2 Suggested solution: True

Q10.3 Suggested solution: Cannot say

Q10.4 Suggested solution: True

Q10.5 Suggested solution: Cannot say