Career Insider Verbal Aptitude Test 0016


Instruction: The following questions will ask you to read a short paragraph of text and then evaluate 5 statements related to the text. You will be asked to either select one or two correct responses, or to indicate whether each statement is True, False, or you Can't Say.

Question 1

Your office has a new automated telephone system. Please read the excerpt from the instructions below. Based only on the information you have been provided with, please select TWO TRUE statements from those below:

“When in the office, it is important that you log off the desktop telephone system if you have physically logged on that day, using the blue on/off button. When you log on, press the blue button, and enter your user id and password into the base-station LED screen. You can then choose between different options. When you are working within the office, choose ‘available’ and all calls will be routed to your nominated desk phone. When you plan to work away from the office or from home the next day, you can choose the “remote” option and select to have calls forwarded directly to your home or mobile number. It is also possible to automatically transfer calls to the central office phone number or your voicemail service. You must have recorded your personalised message before you can select the voicemail option. On public holidays, all individual options are overridden and all calls are answered by the central answer machine service.”

  1. You will need to enter your user id and password into the phone system every day.
  2. All members of staff must remember to change their phone settings before bank holidays.
  3. Each member of staff must record their own voice mail message before routing calls to the voicemail service.
  4. Each member of staff has their desk-top phone in the office.
  5. You need not miss a work call if you are on the road or working from home.


Question 2

One of your colleagues, Mark. is updating his Linkedln profile and wants to Tweet a summary of his profile. Please read the profile and then select TWO tweets that best reflect his experience based on the information that you have been given:

“I’m the Marketing Manager for Max Corp, a software developer focused on the video game industry. In this role, I lead the company’s business-to-business (B2B) marketing efforts, overseeing a team of four marketing and sales professionals, and managing the annual budget in excess of £5 million. My salespeople are responsible for selling our company’s video games to retail outlets, pubs and other entertainment premises and, consequently, spend much of their time on the road. My marketing remit is to promote our video games across the industry. Our most challenging and exciting marketing project to date was creating a social media and online advertising campaign for our extreme sports interactive online video game, Yee-Haa! The campaign generated enormous media buzz and was key to the successful launch of the video game – to supplier, venues and consumers. Not only did we have fun creating that campaign, we also found it very rewarding to see the results.”

  1. As part of his job, Mark sells video games to pubs and shops.
  2. As part of his job, Mark advertises games such as Yee-Haa to suppliers of video games.
  3. Mark and his team need to sell at least £5 million worth of video games each year.
  4. The people working for Mark are responsible for advertising and selling video games
  5. Mark’s advertising campaigns are likely to be seen by members of the public in outlets such as magazines and newspapers.


Question 3

You have recently started work for a large organisation and your manager has asked you to summarise the conclusions of a recent staff satisfaction survey for him. Read the following extract from the survey report and select TWO TRUE statements based only on the information you have been provided with:

“Overall, the results of the survey show that job satisfaction ratings are higher than last year, reflecting a continued upward trend. A significantly higher proportion of staff indicated that they have a better work-life balance compared to last year and fewer employees reported having to work more than his/her contracted hours per week. However, there was an increase in the number of staff reporting that they intended to leave the organisation within the next 12 months. The main reason given for intending to leave was career progression, followed by higher salary, to improve work-life balance and relocation. Responses regarding satisfaction with management show that, compared to last year, employees feel more supported by their manager across all areas, including career and personal development. However, fewer employees reported feeling supported by colleagues. Compared to last year, satisfaction with the team environment has dropped by 10%. This is a downward trend that we need to address.”

  1. Satisfaction ratings for work-life balance are at an all-time high.
  2. Employees did not feel supported by their managers in the previous year’s survey.
  3. Fewer staff are working overtime, compared to last year.
  4. Employees who feel supported by their managers do not feel supported by their colleagues.
  5. Work-life balance was cited as a reason for leaving the organisation.


Question 4

The members of staff at a call centre have recently been evaluated to identify any training requirements. Below is an excerpt from the training recommendations report for the call centre staff. Based only on the information you have been provided with, please select TWO TRUE statements from those below:

“The evaluation of training requirements was conducted because there has been a spate of errors and customer complaints in the call centre. The findings of this training need analysis exercise indicate that call centre staff require development in various areas. For example, the team leaders require additional management skills, particularly performance management and project management – a number of employees reported that they had not had a performance review since they started with the company. Call centre staff who are responsible for Customer Service are failing to meet their target of 95% customer satisfaction ratings. Therefore, customer services skills training is recommended for this group of employees, which includes those responsible for selling products as well as those providing after-sales support. During the last quarter, members of the sales team have failed to meet the target to sell five products per day. Additionally, their customer satisfaction ratings are low.”

  1. All call centre staff need customer service training
  2. Team leaders need to improve their management skills
  3. Sales staff are meeting their sales targets
  4. Team leaders have customer service targets
  5. Customer service training is recommended for customer service operatives.


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