Career Insider Verbal Aptitude Test 0011


The ability to reason with verbal information and draw accurate inferences or conclusions is important within the workplace.

The following questions will ask you to read a short paragraph of text and then evaluate 5 statements related to the text. You will be asked to either select one or two correct responses, or to indicate whether each statement is True, False, or you Can't Say.


Question 1

Global warming is the recent and on-going phenomenon of rising temperatures worldwide, measured dose to the Earth S surface, and is a concomitant aspect of climate change, which also includes major and sustained changes in Wind patterns, precipitation and seasonal patterns. For over years, the human race has been releasing large amounts of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases into the atmosphere - the majority of which come from burning fossil fuels, deforestation, and industrial and agricultural processes. Whilst necessary to support life in excess, these greenhouse gases create a blanket around the Earth, causing it to warm- and, over time, build-up in these gases can change the Earth's climate. Meanwhile, the world has witnessed changes in the natural environment, including melting ice caps, warming oceans, rising sea levels, severe flooding and extended droughts. Debate over whether these natural changes are caused by human activity continues to rage, with cogent arguments on each side.

Based on the text above, select TWO TRUE statements from those below.

  1. Global warming is causing climate change.
  2. Carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas.
  3. Warming oceans are melting the ice caps, causing rising sea levels & floods.
  4. Deforestation is the main cause of global warming.
  5. Global warming is one aspect of climate change.

Question 2

One of your colleagues, Mark. is updating his Linkedln profile and wants to Tweet a summary of his profile. Please read the profile and then select TWO tweets that best reflect his experience based on the information that you have been given:

“I’m the Marketing Manager for Max Corp, a software developer focused on the video game industry. In this role, I lead the company’s business-to-business (B2B) marketing efforts, overseeing a team of four marketing and sales professionals, and managing the annual budget in excess of £5 million. My salespeople are responsible for selling our company’s video games to retail outlets, pubs and other entertainment premises and, consequently, spend much of their time on the road. My marketing remit is to promote our video games across the industry. Our most challenging and exciting marketing project to date was creating a social media and online advertising campaign for our extreme sports interactive online video game, Yee-Haa! The campaign generated enormous media buzz and was key to the successful launch of the video game – to supplier, venues and consumers. Not only did we have fun creating that campaign, but we also found it very rewarding to see the results.”

  1. As part of his job, Mark sells video games to pubs and shops.
  2. As part of his job, Mark advertises games such as Yee-Haa to suppliers of video games.
  3. Mark and his team need to sell at least £5 million worth of video games each year.
  4. The people working for Mark are responsible for advertising and selling video games
  5. Mark’s advertising campaigns are likely to be seen by members of the public in outlets such as magazines and newspapers


Question 3

The economic crash has seen significant shifts in global spending habits, with an increasing number of consumers favouring online and mobile shopping over visiting the shops. In part, this is due to the austerity measures imposed by many Governments following the global crisis, which have greatly reduced the disposable income and spending power of many consumers. Simultaneously, the development of mobile shopping technology has put retail therapy at the customer’s fingertips – literally. Consumers can purchase an ever-increasing variety of products from the comfort of their own home, often with a single click. Secure, automatic payment web services increase consumer confidence and the ease with which commercial transactions can be executed. This rise in online shopping has seen an increase in low-cost, national courier companies to meet the demand for next-day delivery services. Despite significant investment in large indoor shopping complexes and huge superstores, consumer footfall is decreasing in many stores. Analysts predict that growth in eCommerce sales will continue to out-pace that of physical retail stores, consequently disrupting the global retail mergers and acquisitions market, with some corporations struggling to match the structural changes in consumer spending with the requisite flexibility and agility. Whether our foot-powered shopping spares will be fully replaced by finger power, only time will tell.

Based only on the information you have been provided with, please select whether each statement is TRUE, FALSE or you CAN’T SAY.

  1. Online retailers have been more successful than physical stores at gaining global acquisitions.
  2. The economic downturn played a key role in the current decline of shopping in physical stores
  3. Launching an online retail site will lead to higher sales volume than setting up a physical store
  4. Online retailers are more flexible and agile than physical stores
  5. The growth of online shopping contributed to the economic crisis


Question 4

The members of staff at a call centre have recently been evaluated to identify any training requirements. Below is an excerpt from the training recommendations report for the call centre staff. Based only on the information you have been provided with, please select TWO TRUE statements from those below:

“The evaluation of training requirements was conducted because there has been a spate of errors and customer complaints in the call centre. The findings of this training need analysis exercise indicate that call centre staff require development in various areas. For example, the team leaders require additional management skills, particularly performance management and project management – a number of employees reported that they had not had a performance review since they started with the company. Call centre staff who are responsible for Customer Service are failing to meet their target of 95% customer satisfaction ratings. Therefore, customer services skills training is recommended for this group of employees, which includes those responsible for selling products as well as those providing after-sales support. During the last quarter, members of the sales team have failed to meet the target to sell five products per day. Additionally, their customer satisfaction ratings are low.”

  1. All call centre staff need customer service training
  2. Team leaders need to improve their management skills
  3. Sales staff are meeting their sales targets
  4. Team leaders have customer service targets
  5. Customer service training is recommended for customer service operatives.


Test Solutions


Question 1

Suggested solution: B, E

Question 2

Suggested solution: B, D

Question 3

Suggested solution: A-True, B-Can’t say, C-Can’t say, D-True, E-Can’t say

Question 4

Suggested solutions: B, E