Career Insider Verbal Aptitude Test 0010

The ability to understand the explicit and implicit meanings and emotional salience of verbal material is important in understanding and interpreting verbal communication.

The following questions will ask you to read 5 statements and then rank them from most positive to least positive about a particular subject.


Question 1

James has recently completed a graduate programme and is leaving his current team to start a new position in a different department. He has asked several colleagues to post a short recommendation on his Linkedin profile, describing their time of working together. James has received the 5 messages below.

Please RANK these from the MOST positive to the LEAST positive comments about James as a team member.


  1. James was not afraid to share his strongly-held opinions, even if this created new challenges within the team. I wish him all the best for his future.
  2. James has a great deal of knowledge in many different areas of our business. He is able to manage his own workload and has a strong eye for detail. Over the last year he became a worthy colleague who will be missed.
  3. James has been highly committed to demonstrating his skills in the past year. He experienced some success as part of the team and made good progress towards becoming a strong team member. I am positive he will have a bright future ahead of him.
  4. James is a genuine inspiration to work with. His commitment to our team was exceptional. He has made positive changes to the way we work and, consequently, increased the national recognition of our brand. He has been a pioneer for the use of social media and Linkedin.
  5. James is young and ambitious. He has a long future ahead of him. He always challenged colleagues and tried to get the best out of them. His competitiveness and drive will help him achieve new goals.


Question 2

You have asked five people you work with to participate in a fund-raising event for charity. You received the five responses below.

Please RANK them from MOST positive to LEAST positive about participating in this event.


  1. Thank you for raising this idea. I think the reputation of our company would really benefit from more charity events like this. I am just not entirely convinced about the plans you have for the day. Maybe it's best to refine the plans first.
  2. I appreciate your initiative on this, especially with all the social responsibility pressures our business is currently facing. If you get more people on board I don't see why this wouldn't work.
  3. Sounds good on paper, but I would recommend that you consider the wider business implications before going ahead with this. Maybe you should contact your line manager first before you start thinking of this as a project.
  4. I am sure that many of our colleagues would think about joining in. However, do make sure you get some help as these things usually take more time than you think.
  5. What a marvellous idea! I am definitely in! I recommend that you work out a draft plan and then we can meet up and discuss the details of the day.


Question 3

You have volunteered to arrange a weekend trip to a European capital city for a group of your friends - the only brief from the group was to pick "somewhere interesting". You have emailed your friends with your recommended city and suggested itinerary, and you have received the following text message replies.

Please rank these from the MOST to the LEAST positive about your suggestion:


  1. Been there, got the t-shirt but, hey, it's the company that counts, so I'm in!
  2. Great suggestion, thanks. The city has beautiful architecture and great nightlife - and I have never been. Good choice.
  3. Thanks for your suggestion- looking at your ideas, you must have done a lot of research. Did you check out Lisbon as well?
  4. Thanks for your ideas - it is a classic city to visit, easy choice, plenty to do.if you like museums, but I wonder if most of us will have already been?
  5. Thanks for your email. I really appreciate the work you've put in so far. Given how busy you are, would you like me to help with building on your ideas?


Question 4

You are working in the IT team in a large insurance company and an issue regarding laptop upgrades has been brought to your attention. 5 of your colleagues have been in contact to complain and you have sent out the standard reply: "Many thanks for your enquiry. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide new laptops unless there is a critical issue which is preventing you from accessing any information on your machine. I'm afraid my hands are tied, as I have been informed that there is no budget available to purchase new machines. I apologise for any inconvenience caused. "You have received the 5 messages below in reply to your email, and want to know how to prioritise your responses.

Please RANK these 5 emails from the MOST positive to the LEAST positive about the situation.


  1. Simply not good enough. It is ridiculous that in this day and age it takes so long for us to do something as simple as log on.
  2. Find the budget from somewhere, it's taking me forever to load up in the mornings and it is really embarrassing in front of clients when it freezes and I have to stall before giving my presentation!
  3. Ok, I guess we don't currently have a choice then. We'll just make do with what we've got.
  4. Could you not perhaps swap some computers over? I saw Ella in Finance with a high-spec laptop yesterday, which is simply not necessary for everyday credit control.
  5. What if I threw it out the window out of frustration - would that count as a critical issue?

Test Solutions


Question 1

Suggested solutions: D, B, C, E, A

Question 2

Suggested solutions: E, B, D, A, C

Question 3:

Suggested solutions: B, A, D, C, E

Question 4:

Suggested solutions: D, B, C, A, E