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One Service three stages

Learn how our services breakdown and help you achieve success in the
3 stages of every applicant must go through.




Ignite your potential

It’s hard to talk about a career if you have no UK experience under your belt. In partnership with UK charities and businesses, our ignition programme offers volunteer and work experience where you can gain an insight into UK industries, improve soft skills, and practice speaking English! 



Better Integration

Understand the environment
and the people you want to work with.

Prepare for Your Future

By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail. A successful application is never just about CV format, it is about cross-cultural awareness, business acumen,soft skills, and the right attitude. It is essential for you to understand those concepts before you apply for a job in the UK. .

Career Planning

A successful application is never just about CV format, it is about demonstrate cross-cultural awareness, business acumen, soft skills, and the right attitude.

You should start your job-hunting journey with a clear understanding of what you want. On top of creating immaculate paperwork, we also help you planning your career journey by providing professional information, analysing your personal situation, create actionable plan.



Daily Job Post

Job sites like Indeed or Monster.comhave a million vacancies advertised, however, not all of them are suitable for you. Every day, our team analyses UK jobs and graduate schemes to see which would be appropriate for international students. What’s more, we provide in-depth information about these positions in both English and Chinese to ensure you have a full understanding of the requirements and how you can apply.

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​四大投行咨询事务所一网打尽,商科背景的最爱,全部都有,不再错过申请 deadline,不再需要一家家去公司的官网苦苦搜索信息。


Boots, Experian, Speedo, Legal & General , Aviva, BT 你没听说的英国前100强,同样提供绝佳学习发展提供签证的机会。





Cross Cultural Bootcamp

Career Insider Cross Cultural Career Bootcamp is developed by our own team of international talents from both UK and China, with a combined 50 years of experiences studying and working internationally. We compared and analysed in depth of the difference between Chinese and UK working culture to ensure you make the seamless transition, and turn our international experience into a treasure rather than an obstacle.

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From online forms and assessment centres, to competency-based questions and strength-based questions. Each application can be very different and you might have a thousand questions you want to ask. Our industry mentors are here to provide one-to-one, industry specific and instantly applicable advice for different stages of your application. 

All Star Industry Mentors

Our mentor team combines the best of both worlds: our experienced Chinese mentors understand your issues deeply and our UK mentors deliver the most authentic and cutting edge local culture and knowledge. They have from 3-30 years of experience working in fortune 500 companies to help you understand what is actually going on behind each role.

Meet Some Of Our Mentors

Evelina Vilkaite


Career Consultant
8 year of professional coaching experience with excellent results. Evelina has worked with private equity firms, boutique investment banks, hedge funds, accounting and asset management firms to recruit top talents.



BDO Senior Manager
Pervious founder of TFP Solution, later joined BDO. Tom has more than 30 years of experience in finance and accounting, management, and business development.



Former Executive Vice President Unilever for the Strategic Science Group
Now a Strategist, Technology and Innovation Consultant as well as being an honorary Professor of Innovation Management at the University of Nottingham.



Accenture Technology Consulting Analyst
Graduated from University of Nottingham, Yennis joined top consulting firm Accenture. Her international background makes her fully informed of how to help other international students improve.

Catherine Debray


Career Consultant
Graduated from both Cambridge and Oxford, Catherine is an experienced and qualified career coach with over ten years experience successfully working with individuals and groups experiencing career change.



PwC Senior Associate
With a master degree from Oxford, Annie has more than 5 years experience working for McKinsey & Company as well as PwC.



Career Consultant
Sally was trained at BBC and worked for more than twenty years as a broadcaster and print journalist. She spent 15 years working in HK as a TV and radio presenter and broadcaster, covering political and financial news.

Harry Bouton


Deloitte Assistant Manager Founder of Thorne Goalkeeping, Harry has a diverse professional experience working in startup, banking, and retail business.

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职觉Career Insider Roundtable

Career is not just about salary, it is about working in a field that you find satisfying and creating value. Our mentors share their own story of how they did it.

Courage, courage, courage is the NO.1 lesson I learnt in the UK. Dare to dream, and willing to put in the hard work, then success is inevitable. Career Insider really helped me to achieve what I want, and I know receiving my job offer is only the start of my life long learning journey. I can’t wait to learn more.

University of Nottingham

Career Insider helped me to get a job, that’s true, but what is different about Career Insider to other services is, it also taught me the knowledge and understanding to advance my career as an international talent.

University of Glasgow

Before Career Insider, I really don't know what I want for a career. Career Insider helps me to navigate this confusing and challenging journey. They are not imposing their ideas on me or trying to feed me any one size fit all solutions. Instead, they help me to ask all the right questions and make the right choices.

London School of Economics

Coming to the UK and now stepping into the workplace, to me, it feels like one reality check after another. I can’t help but sometimes feels hopeless and often doubt myself. Now that I worked in the UK for over 2 years, there is not a day that I am glad I made the effort to try. Thanks, Career Insider, to me, you feel like a teacher but also a friend.

Loughborough University

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